Career-tasu, Inc. Cookies Policy

This page has been translated from the official Japanese language version into English solely for the convenience of international readers. The Japanese original text shall prevail in case of any discrepancy.

In using the Company's Website and apps, the information acquired from your PC and smartphone, etc. by use of cookies, logs, and terminal devices, etc. is defined by the Company as "Cookie information."
Cookie information is automatically transmitted to the Company and Internet advertisers, etc. with whom we have concluded an agreement. The information is used to make it easier for users to log in to Websites they have already accessed once and to show ads that are relevant to the individual user.
Further, when Cookie information is combined with other information so that specific individuals can be identified, the Company handles the Cookie information as personal information. For further details regarding the Company's handling of personal information, refer to the following page.

Career-tasu, Inc. Privacy Policy

1. Types of Cookie information

The types of Cookie information acquired by the Company are as follows.

  •   A: Information regarding the terminal environment used to access Websites
    B: Information regarding use of Websites and apps
    C: Terminal identification information
    D: Advertising identification information

Cookie information that contains information by which specific individuals can be identified is handled appropriately as "personal information" and when it does not it is handled as "person-related information*."
(*Person-related information is defined in Article 2, Paragraph 7 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information as "information regarding a living person that does not fall under any of the categories "personal information," "pseudonymously processed information," and "anonymized processed information.")

2. Types of Use of Cookie information

The Company uses the types of Cookie information described above for the following purposes for use.

  1. (1) To Support Functionality for Users (Cookie information types: A, B, and C)
    • Cookie information necessary to maintain login authentication when a user transitions between and revisits pages on the Company's Website is stored in the user's browser and referenced when necessary (acquired from the user's browser).
    • Cookie information necessary to ensure that information entered on input forms is not erased when the user clicks the "Return" button to transition between pages, etc. is stored in the user's browser and referenced when necessary (acquired from the user's browser).
    • Cookie information may be used to reference by the same mechanism the data being entered by the user to support the user's entry of data by checking things such as the number and type of characters input, address conversion by postal code, and the percentage of input completion.
    • Cookie information is used to display Websites that are suitable for the user's type of terminal device or browser and to improve service quality.
  2. (2) To Provide Services (Cookie information type: B)
    • Cookie information is used to acquire users' action history on the Company's Website. This information is used after automatic analysis for the following purposes.
       a) To introduce recommended employment services (companies and organizations) to individual users of the Company's Website based on their action history
       b) To display to the individual user of the Company's Website optimally timed pop-up banners to suggest the next action to take
      Information acquired to provide services is restricted to the user's action history on the Company's Website and the action history is not used for any purpose other than the above purposes.
    • As one of the functions of apps for smartphones, identification information is acquired from each of the apps you use to display push notifications from the Company's services.
  3. (3) To Evaluate the Company's Website (Cookie information types: A, B, and C)
    The external services are used to analyze use of the Company's Website as an aid to improvement of Website quality. Further, Cookie information used for this purpose does not include information that can be used to identify specific individuals. For information on the usage status of external services on the Company's Website, see the "External Transmission of User Information" on each website.
  4. (4) To Post the Company's Website Ads (Cookie information type: D)
    When you use the Company's Website, advertising identification information issued by companies that provide Web advertising (advertising agencies) is stored on the user's browser (Cookie storage) and information that the user browsed the Company's Website is transmitted to the Web advertising companies. Based on this information, Web advertising companies show the Company's Website ads to users who visit other Websites. Further, Cookie information used for this purpose does not include information that can be used to identify specific individuals.
    If you wish to confirm the web advertising companies with whom the Company has concluded an agreement or to suspend use (opt out) of the Company's Cookie information, see the "External Transmission of User Information" on each website.
  5. (5) To Acquire Crash Information from Smartphone Apps (Cookie information type: A)
    Crash information (crash date and time, type of device, OS version, app version, conditions at the time the crash occurred, etc.) is acquired from smartphone apps provided by the Company for use in improving the apps.

3. Deletion and Refusal of Use of Cookie information (Suspension of Use/Opt Out)

  • Deletion and Refusal of Use of Cookies (suspension of use/opt out)
    You can delete Cookies from your browser's settings menu. When you delete Cookies, functions (1) to (4) described above are reset. However, after deleting Cookies, acquisition of information will be restarted the next time you use the Company's services.
    If you wish to refuse/opt out of acquisition of information, you may be able to configure refusal of Cookies as a function of your OS or browser. Please note that when you refuse Cookies, services and functions that use Cookies may be subject to restrictions.
  • Suspension of use/opt out of advertising identification information separately by Web advertising business
    When a user wishes to suspend use/opt out of use of the user's person-related information by Web advertising businesses with whom the Company has concluded an agreement, the user can follow the procedure for doing so posted on each of the company's Websites. For detailed information see 4) above.
  • Suspension of Use and Opt Out in Smartphone Apps
    Push notification by smartphone apps can be set to OFF by configuring app and OS settings. Further, the Company does not acquire advertising identification information and location information from smartphone apps developed by the Company.

The Company may revise Cookies Policy without prior notice. Changes to Cookies Policy becomes effective immediately upon posting the content of changes on the Company's Website.

Revised April 1, 2024