Corporate Profile

Areas of Business

HR Services

  • Provision of job information and employment services to new graduates and mid-career professionals via print and online media
  • Corporate marketing and recruitment consulting for companies and organizations 
  • Organization of job fairs and industry seminars
  • Job placement and staffing
  • Recruitment outsourcing, consulting and marketing research

Educational Services

  • Provision of higher-education information for high school and college students as well as professionals via print and online media
  • Educational marketing and student recruitment services for colleges, technical schools and other institutions of learning
  • International education marketing and business development

Training and Support

  • Career preparation and training
  • Global human capital development
  • International education and business training development


  • Media production, printing and publishing
  • Advertising and media planning
  • IT support and technical development
Company Name
Career-tasu, Inc.
October, 1973
Masaro Niidome, President
Head Office
Iidabashi First Building 9F
2-5-1 Koraku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0004 Japan
Tel: +81 (0)3 5804 5500
Group Companies
Career-Tasu USA, Inc. (New York, USA)
Career-Tasu UK Ltd (London, UK)
Operator of Fee-based Job Placement Services;
No. 13-ユ-080178
Dispatcher of General Workers; No. 13-080255
PrivacyMark certified; 10820051 (11)
Corporate Registration Number